Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Similarities and Differences

We have been learning how to compare things and explain how they are similar or different. We decided to buddy up and find out how we are similar and different to the people in our class!

"We both like ice-cream and ponies" - Hayley & Olivia
"We are both 6 years old and we both like blue" - Wynn & Johnny
"We both have earrings and our names both start with C" - Chloe & Casey
"We both like gymnastics and listening to songs" - Paityn & Imogen
"We both like sharks and cheese toasties" - Reuben & Michael M
"We both like Maths and play rugby" - Malcolm & Troy

"Joe plays Soccer and Legend plays Rugby" 
"We have different heights. Michael is 125cm and Briar is 120cm"
"We don't have the same colour hair and eyes" - Layla & Taranpreet
"I have glasses and she doesn't" - Taylor & Alexis
"We have different skin and eyes" - Zion & Gaebriel

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