Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hockey Fun Day

"Yesterday some of us went to hockey fun day and we won all of our games except one. Our first game we versed Elstow-Waihou. The other games were easy because they were little kids." -Michael W

"When it was hockey fun day I went in Mr Spicers car. I had my own hockey stick. I enjoyed it so much. When I fell down I kept on playing and I got a certificate." -Briar

"At hockey fun day it was hard because some older kids went on the little court. We scored one goal. They scored 5 goals. But on the next game we won." -Taylor

"It was a hard game to play at Hockey fun day. We had to wait for our turn to play. Mum and me had to wait for Charlotte, Bradley, Rocky and Amber and take them home." -Alexis

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