Monday, 12 October 2015

Welcome back - Term 4!

What a great first day we had back in Room 11. Everyone was energised and excited to share their holiday stories!

A few things coming up this term! We will be doing lots of practise for Athletics Day which will be held Thursday 5th November. We have a Shake Out Earthquake drill this week on Thursday morning, and Friday 16th we have a Rugby World Cup mufti day! If you would like to check any dates for school events, have a look at the school calendar on our school website or on the school app.

Here are some Home Learning activities that the children can do in their homework books at home this week.

Homework Activities
Term 4 – Week 1

NZ Shake Out!

What is the Shake Out?

What are the 3 things we are meant to do when there is an Earthquake?


Write down your favourite athletics event.

Why do you like this event best?

Rugby World Cup

Write down some countries that are taking part in the Rugby World Cup. Highlight your favourite team/country.

Draw a picture about the Rugby World Cup!

(Some ideas… Rugby ball, team of players, logo, flags, trophy)


Try some of these kind gestures this weekJ

- Smile at 5 people
- Give someone a high five
- Ask someone about their day
- Make a thank-you card
- Compliment someone
- Learn to say ‘Thank you’ in a different language

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