Thursday, 23 April 2015

Term 2 up and running!

This term we have writing buddies! The children sit next to their buddy so that they can work together for paired writing activities. They give each other feedback and listen to each others stories. 
We will also be tracking our writing progress!

We have started our mornings with a bit of Word Work. This week we have been reviewing different blends and writing as many words as we know that begin with a specific blend. The children came up with some great words!


We have had some great classroom discussions about Anzac Day and why it is important. 
Here are some of the questions that we have...

We came up with some words to describe the Anzac soldiers that fought for us and some of the feelings they might have felt.

What we have found out!
See if your child can remember the answer to some of these questions:

When was the first World War?
How many years did it last?
What was another name for the war?
Where was it?
What is another name for 'ex-servicemen'?

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